• New Oil Rail Repair Kit
  • Kit includes 4 Ball Tubes, O-rings and Installation Tool
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    This Kit is for repairing the high pressure oil rail on all 6.0L Power Stroke Fords. The most common issue for injector failure is due to the poor seal between the ball tube and the oil rail. The poor seal allows high pressure oil (upwards of 3000 psi) to get past the ball tube and blast the top of the injector o-ring. This wear causes erosion of the injector D-ring and eventually creates a bad enough seal that the truck will not start or stall. This kit will allow you to repair the oil rail without having to replace the entire rail. Any worn injector D-rings will need replaced.

    Applications: 2003-2009 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel, F-Series Pickups, E-Series, Excursion
    Reference Numbers: 5C3Z9T287ARM

    Four new o-rings and Ball Tubes come with every kit. Installation Tool is included.

    *Torque Specifications = Ball Tube Retaining Nut = 100 Ft./Lbs

    • 1 Year
    • Unlimited Mileage