• New 100% Over-Stock Nozzle
  • New Coils
  • New OE Connector
  • 155cc Injector
  • Up to 70HP Gain
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    This is a Premium Remanufactured 6.0L Ford Power Stroke Performance Injector.

    • These injectors offer increased horsepower and torque compared to stock injectors.
    • Our injector is a Stock Intensifier body with no other modifications except a new nozzle rated 100% over stock fuel flow. This allows the fuel chamber to empty more quickly during an injection event.
    • Fuel pressure must be 65psi MINIMUM.
    • Custom Tuning is recommended for optimal performance.
    • Adding an upgraded fuel supply pump is also recommended.
    2003-2007 FORD / NAVISTAR / INTERNATIONAL F-SERIES PICKUPS, E-SERIES VANS, EXCURSION, LCF, VT365, VT275, MAXXFORCE 5 POWERSTROKE DIESEL 6.OL, 4.5L 3C3Z9E527EBRM-P, 4C3Z9E527AA-P, 1843089C91, 1844751C2 3C3Z9E527EARM, 3C3Z9E527AE, 3C3Z9E527ABRM, 3C3Z9E527ECRM, 4C3Z9E527BRM, 1843481C95, 1845879C91, 1878282C91, 1845150C92, 1846692C92, 1877748C1,

    1878284C91, 1878285C91, 1879998C91


    The purchase price of this fuel injector DOES NOT include the $150.00 core deposit. We provide a FREE pre-paid return shipping label and give you 30 Days to send your old part (core/cores) back to us. If the core is not returned within the 30 day grace period, your credit card will be charged the price for the core. If the cores are received after the charge, you will be refunded the amount charged for core. You will no longer be eligible to return the core after a year from your original purchase. Please see our core return policy or contact us with any questions.

    O-rings and combustion seal come with every injector.

    We highly recommend the Ball Tube Repair Kit when replacing a 6.0L injector. The Ball Tubes develop hairline fractures that allow high pressure oil to erode the D-ring at the top of the injector. This is by far the most common cause of premature injector failure.

    During installation, be sure of the following:

    • The combustion seal (copper washer) is present and installed properly with every injector
    • The injector is torqued to proper specifications - Please see the service manual
    • The engine oil is clean and at proper levels
    • The fuel supply is free of contamination, water, and air
    • The fuel pressure is at proper levels
    • The injector sleeve is clean and damage free
    • That the injector top is filled with clean engine oil prior to rail installation
    • The oil rail ball tubes are damage free (burrs, nicks, hair-line fractures)
    • The oil rail ball tubes are centered and properly aligned

    • 6 Month
    • Unlimited Mileage