• New Nozzle
  • O-rings and combustion seals included
  • Vehicle requires 6 injectors
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    These injectors are completely disassembled and precision cleaned. Any qualifying components are re-certified to a tight tolerance specification. All injectors undergo a complete re-manufacture and are tested on state-of-the-art test equipment, to ensure that the fuel flow meets precise specifications.

    Applications:1999 International I530E 230-300HP 1999 Perkins 1300 EDi 1999 Detroit Diesel 8.7L Series 40E
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    • Follow manufacturer installation procedure and torque specifications.
    • Thoroughly clean and inspect injector cups.
    • Verify copper combustion seals are installed on new injectors and the old combustion seals were removed with previous injectors.
    • Replace engine oil and filter.
    • Replace fuel filter.
    • Flush and inspect fuel supply system.
    • Clean and inspect oil supply system.
    • Lubricate O-rings with clean engine oil.
    • Verify correct fuel pressure after injector installation.

    2 Year