What is your Warranty ? - Most parts come with a 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty unless otherwise specified.

Do you offer discounts to auto auto shops ? - Yes. We offer Wholesale accounts that get your shop discounted pricing as long as you have a tax exemption number.

When will my order ship ? - All orders placed before 3pm Eastern time M-F and are in stock, they will ship the same day.

How long does shipping take ? - We have FREE UPS Ground shipping for orders over $750 that takes 3-5 business days. Expedited shipping options are available at checkout. We also ship internationally.

Do you charge sales tax ? - We only charge sales tax in the states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

How long has your company been in business ? - RAE is owned by a larger company that has been remanufacturing automotive electronics since 1970. We have been remanufacturing diesel engine parts for the past 15 years.

What is R&R process ? - R&R simply means Repair and Return. This program is available when we don't have a core for a certain product and we would send you a pre-paid label to remanufacture your part.

Why are your prices lower than other websites ? - We can be very competitive with pricing since we are a larger Remanufacturing company. All of our parts we use are Aftermarket with the same OE Quality. Just because it is Aftermarket does not mean it isn't quality. We do our absolute best to source only the best parts for our products. Our replacement parts have been certified and vehicle tested with 10,000+ miles before being used in our products. We have a very experienced team of Engineers that go above and beyond to test our product.

Can you test my parts ? - For the Electronics we have a test/diagnostic service we can provide prior to doing a full reman or you buying a part you may not need. Injectors, pumps, and turbochargers we do not offer the same service. Our production is constantly trying to produce these parts and there simply is not enough time to squeeze in just a test service.

How long does R&R take ? - We can normally have the part shipped back to you within 48hrs of receiving the part.

Do you charge core upfront ? - Yes, we do charge core upfront. We provide you a pre-paid label with your order to make it easy to return your part. You have up to a year from purchase to return your core for a full refund provided it meets proper core criteria.

What info do you need to program my ECM ? - For Dodge ECM's we will need VIN #, Valve Cover Reference #, Year, Make, Model, and Trim Codes (6.7L only).