Pre-EGR S50 & S60
Side ports w/2-lobe coupler
Pre-19992.12 cc/rev23507409
Pre-EGR S50 & S60
Side ports w/splined drive
Post 19992.12 cc/rev23523754
Pre EGR S50 & S60
Top ports w/3-lobe coupler
3.18 cc/rev23537686
Pre-EGR S50
Side ports w/3-lobe coupler
3.18 cc/rev23518610
Compressor mounted w/splined drive
2002-20033.18 cc/rev23532874
Compressor mounted w/splined drive
2004-20062.64 cc/rev23535540
Reference Numbers: 23507409, 23518610, 23523754, 23536459, 23535540, 23537686
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    Flight Diesel is proud to offer remanufactured fuel pumps for Detroit Diesel Series 50 and Series 60 engines. All units are completely disassembled and precision cleaned. Components are re-certified to tight OE tolerance specifications. Older model cores are updated with new outboard bearing supports to ensure drive stability. All pumps are assembled with new genuine OE drive shafts, seals bearings, and relief springs, making this a premium remanufactured product. Gears and gear pockets are sized and statically matched to ensure proper operating pressures. All worn relief valve seats are recovered to eliminate "hung" relief valves. All pumps finish the remanufacturing process with a 100% test to OE standards on certified test stands prior to packaging.

    Applications: Detroit Diesel Series 50/60 Pump
    Reference Numbers:
    Core Return Required: False
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