• Stage 2
  • New 100% over Nozzle
  • New Solenoid
  • New Split-Shot Plunger & Barrel
  • 155cc Injector w/ 100% over Nozzle
  • Up to 120hp gain
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    Our 7.3L Stage 2 Performance Injectors are built to last and make more horsepower.

    • These injectors do not require a custom tune but is recommended for optimal performance.
    • Additional fuel pressure supply system may be needed. 65SPI min.
    • Stage 1 Performance is available. Call for pricing and availability.
    Applications: 1999-2003 Ford F Series and E Series built after 12/07/98
    1999-2002 Navistar T444E Engine S/N 843990 & Up
    Reference Numbers: 1831487C92, 1831487C93, 1831489C1, 1831551C1, 1831550C1, F8IZ9E527CRM, F8IZ9E527EARM, XC3ZE527AARM


    This item requires a core return. Please see our core return policy or contact us with any questions.

    During installation, be sure of the following:

    • The combustion seal (copper washer) is present and installed properly with every injector
    • The injector is torqued to proper specifications - Please see the service manual
    • The engine oil is clean and at proper levels
    • The fuel supply is free of contamination, water, and air
    • The fuel pressure is at proper levels
    • The injector sleeve is clean and damage free
    • 6 Month
    • Unlimited Mileage

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