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GM 6.6L 2006-2011 Duramax Glow Plug  glow, plug, glow plug, duramax, lbz, lmm, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, drx00057
New Stock Replacement Glow Plug
Price: $13.00
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GM Item #: FS70702 -

    Glow Plugs for GM 6.6 liter LBZ and LMM applications

    GM 6.6L LB7 Return Line Seal Kit fuel, injector, repair, kit, return line, fuel line, new, injector return line, 6.6l, duramax, injector, return, common rail, common, rail, high pressure
    New Return Line Seal Kit for 6.6L LB7 Duramax Diesel
    Price: $21.75
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    GM Item #: FS00311 -

      This is a brand new Injector Return Line Kit for 2001-2004 GM LB7 Duramax Diesels.

      High Pressure Oil Rail Repair Kit - 5C3Z9T287ARM 5C3Z9T287ARM, oil, rail, repair, kit, ball tubes, repair kit, high pressure oil leak, 6.0 loss of high pressure, no start, long crank
      New High Pressure Oil Rail Repair Kit (2003-2009)
      Price: $142.00
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      Ford Item #: FS00305 -

        This Kit is for repairing the high pressure oil rail on all 6.0L Power Stroke Fords. The most common issue for injector failure is due to the poor seal between the ball tube and the oil rail. The poor seal allows high pressure oil (upwards of 3000 psi) to get past the ball tube and blast the top of the injector o-ring. This wear causes erosion of the injector D-ring and eventually creates a bad enough seal that the truck will not start or stall. This kit will allow you to repair the oil rail...

        Navistar Oil Rail Seal Kit Navistar, Oil, Rail, O-ring, Kit, g2.9, injector, international, oil rail
        Navistar Oil Rail O-ring Kit
        Price: $59.00
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        Navistar Item #: FS01804 -

          This seal kit includes all of the o-rings for the Navistar High Pressure Oil Rail.