• Late 5.9L application
  • New Nozzle that flow 30% over stock
  • Get up to 50-60 HP increase
  • No tuning required
  • You do not have to upgrade the CP3 with these injectors

It is recommended that you replace the injector connecting tubes with new tubes to prevent any damage to the new injectors from debris trapped in the old tubes. Failure to replace the connecting tubes could result in voiding the warranty.

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    This is a Performance Remanufactured Dodge 5.9L Cummins common rail fuel injector.

    • Comes with New Combustion Seal and O-rings for installation.
    • Every injector is individually tested on a state of the art test bench to ensure they meet OE specifications.
    • Every injector test consists of: solenoid performance, response time, back leak flow test, full load test, mid load test, idle test, pre-injection test, and emission test points.
    2004.5-2007 DODGE RAM PICKUPS 2500, 3500 CUMMINS DIESEL 5.9L 0445120032 0445120103, 0445120114, 0445120208, 0445120238, 0986435505, 3964273, 3968158, 3972887, 4937700, 4940051, 5254688, 5263316 C
    Core Return Required: Core is due
    Core Cost if not returned within 30 days:


    • Follow manufacturer installation procedure and torque specifications.
    • Thoroughly clean and inspect injector bores (in cylinder head).
    • Verify copper combustion seals are installed on new injectors and the old combustion seals were removed with previous injectors.
    • Replace fuel filter.
    • Flush and inspect all fuel lines between filter and injectors. Replace any fuel line with corrosion or damage.

    Cummins Applications:

    • New OE Fuel Inlet Tubes are recommended.
    • Aftermarket Fuel Inlet Tubes are lower quality and should NOT be used.
    • Inspect connector tubes for damage and corrosion before installation.


    • Pyrometer
    • Cool air intake
    • Free flowing exhaust
    • 2 Year
    • Unlimited Mileage